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Student Advisory Services
HDBW Munich Student Advisory Services Studieren an der HDBW in München und Bamberg

Your English spoken HDBW student advisory services

Sommerterm 2020 - a short online-view over the empty HDBW-Campus in Munich...

Don't hesitate to contact HDBW student advisory services!

HDBW Studienberaterin Lisa Wagner
Lisa Wagner - HDBW lead student advisor

Student advisor Lisa Wagner looks forward to your appointment request: 



Advisory consultations and admission interviews are possible via phone or video conference.



More information about the master's degree programmes wanted?

If you have any questions about the content of the respective master's degree courses, you can contact the respective course director directly at any time. 

Lecture langgguage for the master Digital Business Modelling and Entrepreneurship is completely in English, all other master's degree programmes are taught in a mixture of German and English.


HDBW-Professor Prof. Dr. Carsten Bartsch

Prof. Dr. Carsten Bartsch

Digital Business Modelling and Entrepreneurship

+49 89 45678 4521
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HDBW-Professor Prof. Dr.-Ing. Markus Urner

Prof. Dr. Markus Urner

Digitale Technologien

+49 89 45678 4523
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HDBW Professor Matthias Pfeffer - Studiengangleiter Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen

Prof. Dr. Matthias Pfeffer

Digitale Fabrik und Operational Excellence

+49 89 45678 4522
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HDBW-Professorin Dr. Sabine Rathmayer

Prof. Dr. Sabine Rathmayer

Cyber Security

+49 89 45678 4526
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Info-Talks about the master's degree programmes at HDBW Munich

If you are interested in a specific master's degree programme you can participate online and dial in to the next Info-Talk.

The respective course directors will give you detailed information online about the respective master in around 45 minutes.

Digital Business Modelling and Entrepreneurship Info-Talks are allways in English, all others are in German, but explanations can be given in English on request. 


Impressions from HDBW-Campus in Munich - 2019!